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Chevron Taro 40 XL 40(X)/ Taro 50 XL 40(X)*详细说明?。ㄤ?258次)
Taro XL Series lubricants are high-performance, high-BN, diesel engine oils for medium-speed trunk piston diesel
engines. Taro XL Series lubricants are specially developed to use in medium-speed, trunk piston diesel engines
burning residual fuels with a maximum sulphur level of 4.5%. Taro XL Series lubricants are blended from high-quality
base oils and additives that provide an extra margin of protection against ring sticking, piston deposits and wear
under the most severe operating conditions. Taro XL Series lubricants have very good viscosity control when used in
severe high-temperature service, and their excellent BN retention characteristics prevent corrosive wear over long
periods of operation. The unique detergent and dispersant additive system provides outstanding piston cleanliness as
well as control of fuel contaminants. This results in extreme reduction of both “hot” (piston lands and grooves, piston
undercrown, purifier preheaters) and “cold” (crankcase, cambox, rocker area, fuel pumps, purifier bowl) deposits. Taro
XL Series lubricants provide a high degree of water tolerance and have good water separation and base retention
Typical Test Data Taro 40 XL 40(X)* Taro 50 XL 40(X)*
SAE Viscosity Grade 40 40
Base number, mgkOH/g 40 50
Density at 15°C, kg/l 0.91 0.92
Flash point, COC, °C 240 240
FZG test (A/8.3/90), failure load stage 12 12
Pour point, °C –12 –12
Sulphated ash, mass % 4.9 5.9
Viscosity, kinematic, mm2/s (cSt)
at 40°C 135 135
at 100°C 14.0 14.0
Viscosity index 100 100
Recommended Uses
Taro XL Series lubricants are recommended for all types of trunk piston diesel engines burning residual fuels with a
maximum sulphur level of 4.5%. Taro XL Series lubricants are approved by all major OEMs.
Performance Benefits
1. Wear Protection
High BN levels control cylinder liner wear effectively
and protect bearings from corrosion. High-performance,
antiwear additives provide excellent protection against
adhesive wear for cams, camshaft and bearings. Taro
XL Series lubricants also provide a high degree of water
tolerance and antifoam protection.
2. Detergent/Dispersant Properties
Keeps crankcases and oil control rings clean. Prevents
deposit formation throughout the engine. Reduces lube
oil filter blockage. Effectively handles insolubles.
3. Oxidation Stability
Oxidation inhibitors protect the oil against high thermal
stresses, protect engine parts from corrosion and
reduce undercrown deposits while promoting extended
lubricant life.
4. Rust Prevention
Prevents corrosion of engine parts when the engine is
not in operation.
5. Balanced Additive Combination
Provides minimum maintenance and downtime, long
engine life and economical
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