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Chevron Refrigeration Oil Low Temp 68详细说明?。ㄤ?026次)

Refrigeration Oil Low Temp

This bulletin was prepared in good faith from the best information available at the time of issue. While the values and characteristics are considered representative, some variation,
not affecting performance, can be expected. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the products are used in the applications for which they are intended. (January, 2008)
? 2008 Chevron Products Company, San Ramon, CA. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of Chevron Intellectual Property LLC. All other trademarks are owned by
their respective companies.
Performance Benefi ts
1. Low Floc Point
Has a very low fl oc point and does not foam excessively
in use.
2. Chemical Stability
Stable towards chlorofl uoromethane (HCFC) refrigerant
gases and iron casting.
3. Miscibility
Excellent miscibility with chlorofl uoromethane
compounds (R22 and R502).
4. Lubricity
Provides excellent lubricity, even in the presence
of refrigerants.
Refrigeration Oil Low Temp 68 is a premium-grade, fully synthetic oil for lubricating compressors used in R22 and
R502 refrigeration systems, operating at low evaporator temperatures. Refrigeration Oil Low Temp 68 is formulated
with carefully selected alkylbenzene components of the branched type and does not contain additives.
Typical Characteristics
ISO Viscosity Grade 68
Code 040218
Density at 15°C, kg/l 0.87
Flash point, COC, °C 190
Pour point, °C –42
Viscosity, kinematic, mm2/s (cSt)
at 40°C 68.0
at 100°C 6.5
Viscosity index 0
Freon (R22) Floc point, °C –60
Freon (R502) Floc point, °C –58
Recommended Uses
Refrigeration Oil Low Temp 68 has been developed exclusively for the lubrication of R22 and R502 compressors
in refrigerating systems operating at evaporator temperatures below –35°C (R22) and –25°C (R502). This oil may
only be used in adherence to manufacturer requirements. Refrigeration Oil Low Temp 68 is NOT suitable for use in
ammonia refrigerating installations. Refrigeration Oil Low Temp 68 has been approved by major compressor builders
such as Sabroe, Bock, Bitzer, Carrier, Dorin, Danfoss and Howden.

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