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Chevron Capella HFC 32详细说明?。ㄤ?026次)

Capella HFC is a premium-grade, fully synthetic oil for the lubrication of compressors used in refrigeration and air
conditioning systems. Capella HFC is blended exclusively with specially selected polyolesters. It has a high viscosity
index ensuring a good lubricity over a wide temperature range.
Typical Characteristics
ISO Viscosity Grade 32 55 100
Code 030248 046318 036315
Density at 15°C, kg/l 1.00 1.01 1.00
Flash point, COC, °C 245 275 290
Pour point, °C –48 –45 –42
Viscosity, kinematic, mm2/s (cSt)
at 40°C 32.0 55.0 100.0
at 100°C 6.0 9.1 11.9
Viscosity index 135 145 108
Recommended Uses
Capella HFC is recommended for use in refrigeration compressors using the new generation of HFC refrigerants such
as R134a, R404a, R507, etc. As Capella HFC is sensitive to humidity, packaging must be kept closed and stored in a dry
environment. Capella HFC has been recognized by major worldwide compressor manufacturers including Bitzer, Bock,
Carrier, Danfoss, Dorin, Electrolux, Embraca/Aspera, Frigopol, Gram, Grasso, Maneurop, Sabroe, ABB Stal and Sulzer.
Performance Benefi ts
1. Oxidation Stability
Resists oxidation at high temperatures, guaranteeing a
long service life.
2. Detergent Properties
Demonstrated excellent compressor cleanliness as well
as a complete absence of copper transfer in numerous
compressor tests.
3. Thermal and Chemical Stability
Provides excellent thermal and chemical stability
in the presence of the new environmentally safe
hydrofl uorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants.

Capella HFC 32 32 1.00 32 6.0 135 245 –48 — Refrigeration compressor oil, for chlorine-free refrigerants such as
R134a, R404a, and R507.
Capella HFC 55 55 1.01 55 9.1 145 275 –45 — Refrigeration compressor oil, for chlorine-free refrigerants such as
R134a, R404a, and R507.
Capella HFC 100 100 1.00 100 11.9 108 290 –42 — Refrigeration compressor oil,

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