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Chevron Havoline? XLI详细说明?。ㄤ?196次)

Havoline? XLI

Havoline Extended Life Corrosion Inhibitor (XLI) is 100% nitrite free, designed with care for the environment in
mind, and virtually nontoxic. Based on patented aliphatic acid technology, Havoline XLI provides long-life corrosion
protection in aqueous solutions for all engine metals, including aluminum, iron, copper and solder alloys. Mixed with
the appropriate amount of water, Havoline XLI is recommended as a cooling water treatment. Havoline XLI has proven
to provide superior protection for at least 32,000 hours in marine and stationary applications. It is compatible with
glycol-based engine coolants.
Typical Characteristics
Code 032765 (16514)
Nitrite, amine, phosphate, borate, silicate Nil
Color Uncolored
Density at 20°C, kg/l, ASTM D 1122 1.058
pH, ASTM D 1287 9.4
Cloud point, °C –15
Storage stability
at 5% dilution 3 years
pH, ASTM D 1287 8.1
Foaming properties at 25°C, break time, sec., ASTM D 1881 1
Effect on non-metals, GME 60 255 None
Hard water stability, VW PV 1426 No precipitate
Recommended Uses
Havoline XLI can be used as an engine cooling water treatment, a fl ushing fl uid, or a hot test fl uid for new engine
blocks. As an engine cooling water treatment, Havoline XLI provides long-life corrosion protection. If Havoline XLI is
replenished regularly to compensate for leakage, the cooling water can be considered as fi ll for life. The use of soft
water is preferred for dilution, though lab testing has shown that acceptable corrosion results are still obtained with
water of 20°dH, containing up to 500 ppm chlorides and 500 ppm sulphates. Havoline XLI has been approved as
cooling water by the following engine builders: Deutz/MWM (0199-2091), GEC Alsthom Ruston, MAN Diesel (D36 5600),
W?rtsil? Switzerland (ZBS0503), Rolls Royce (2.13.01), W?rtsil? Finland (32-9011), Hyundai-Himsen and Caterpillar-MaK
Performance Benefi ts
1. Environment
The carboxylic acids are environmentally friendly.
2. Corrosion Protection
Provides long-life protection against all forms of
corrosion on all metals including the aluminum heat
transfer surfaces contained in modern engines.
3. Cavitation Protection
Offers excellent cavitation protection without
using nitrite or nitrite-based supplemental coolant
additives (SCAs).
4. Seal Compatibility
Has no adverse effect on rubber hoses and gasket
materials as shown in testing a wide range of seal
5. Heat Transfer Effi ciency
The carboxylic acid inhibitor forms a single layer of
protective molecules on metal surfaces, thus providing
an effi cient heat transfer.
6. Economics
Corrosion protection and low additive depletion result in
less maintenance and repair costs.

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