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Chevron Regal? EP详细说明?。ㄤ?90次)

Regal? EP

Regal EP is a rust- and oxidation-inhibited turbine oil with extreme pressure characteristics. Regal EP is manufactured
from highly refi ned paraffi nic base oils. It contains oxidation, corrosion, and foam inhibitors, as well as an ashless
antiwear additive. The oil has excellent antiwear, anticorrosion, and water-separating properties, a high oxidation
stability, and low carbon-forming tendencies.
Typical Characteristics
ISO Viscosity Grade 100
Code 043133
Density at 15°C, kg/l 0.88
Flash point, COC, °C 250
FZG test (A/8.3/90), failure load stage 10
Oxidation characteristics (ASTM D 943)
hours to TAN = 2.0 mgKOH/g 2,000
Pour point, °C –18
Rust test, synthetic seawater Passed
Viscosity, kinematic, mm2/s (cSt)
at 40°C 100
at 100°C 11.1
Viscosity index 96
Recommended Uses
Regal EP is recommended for use in marine turbines of all types. These include steam, hydraulic and gas turbines. It
is particularly recommended for modern turbo sets where turbine oil is used for gearbox lubrication. Regal EP also
provides excellent performance in hydraulic machinery, circulating oil systems, and all applications where a stable
lubricant with good water-separating characteristics is required. Regal EP meets the requirements of DIN 51515/T1-L-TD,
BS 489, and ISO 6743/5 (L-TSA, L-TSE, L-TGA).
Performance Benefi ts
1. Oxidation Stability
Assures long service life free of deposits, sludge, and
acidic oxidation products, thus avoiding sticking valves,
and ensuring good bearing protection.
2. Rust Protection
Protects against corrosion or rusting of precision parts.
3. Water Separation
Speedy removal of contaminating water from leaks and
4. Foam Inhibited
With an effective surface-foam suppressant, resists
foaming, and thus ensures smooth functioning of
governors and minimizes the risk of sump overfl ow.
5. Air Release Properties
A balanced combination of inhibitors prevents airlocking
of oil circulating pumps due to entrained air. This ensures
smooth and trouble-free operation of lubricating oil

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